Bruny Island Food

Ross & Cape Barron Goose

Dressing Cape Barron Geese

Bruny Island Food is the business run by Ross O’Meara from his small hold farm on Bruny Island, Tasmania. He makes a range of pork products from the free range, rare breed pork he raises on the farm and sells them at his own stall each Sunday at the Hobart Farm Gate Market. He also does catering and other event work when he chooses to dust off his chef’s hat.


Ross’ past food adventures include working as a chef for 20 years in Australia, United Kingdom, France and Indonesia, a cheese maker and being involved in the Gourmet Farmer TV series and writing the Gourmet Farmer Deli Book with mates Matthew Evans and Nick Haddow.


Now a farmer, licensed game harvester (rabbit and wallaby) and producer Ross has been able to marry his love of food with a pursuit that is much more family-friendly for wife Emma and their three children, Felix, Finegan and Molly. This change has also been driven by his desire to get back to the source of his food.


Ross, Felix and Sophie 2


Bruny Island Food emulates the European tradition of running a viable food business from a small holding. Ross is proud of the fact that he is able to grow, process and sell pork products from a small plot of land. He feels that the level of care that he is able to invest in his land and animals is reflected in the quality of the end products.