The Farm

Nestled at the base of Mount Mangana on Bruny Island off the south east coast of Tasmania, Ross’ farm is heavily influenced by the European model of small hold farming. Believing that you do not require hundreds of acres to run a productive farm, Ross is able to make the most of his 25 acres by utilising his skills as a chef and making his farm-reared-and-made pork products on site. These farmhouse products are then sold at his own stall at the Hobart Farm Gate Market under the moniker Bruny Island Food.


Feeding the pigs

Feeding the pigs

Ross runs a small herd of rare breed pigs (Berkshire and Wessex Saddleback but a Tamworth is on the way) that are bred and raised free ranging over their 5 acres of paddock and natural bush. Ross has selected these breeds for their superior meat quality and it typically takes up to 8 months to raise a pig ready for market. The pigs are raised on feed that is all Tasmanian grown, a majority of it on Bruny Island.



There is currently no abattoir on Bruny Island so the porkers are taken to the nearest abattoir and the carcasses processed, Ross utilising the whole beast, in the commercial kitchen back on the farm.


Ross’ wares are sold directly to the consumer at the Hobart Farm Gate Market each Sunday. This is the perfect forum for his farmhouse products as he is able to foster a personal relationship with all of his customers.